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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Bostons Fag-Fest!

I love research. I hate reading on the pc, but Im good at it, probably because it gives me pause to think and of course write my mind.

Well checking on a story I was reading ( keep those hyper-links coming) I saw this one and looked at it.

I have to ask what is it about these people that makes them soooo...whats the words...Freakish? Well for statters they claim it is just about their "rights", but it goes beyond that. Their parades are perverted, with nudity, or near nudity, simulated sex acts, pornagraphy, to name a few. Then As I have read there is usually an incident of drugs. This time there are pictures.

Check this out.

Then to make matters worse there are is another group decidedly involved. I looked at the pictures and thought I was looking at men without shirts, but one people in the picture caught my eye.....Do you see what is different about these, er, um men....Boys...? LOOK CLOSE!

They are woman who had their Boobs Removed. The caption with this from article 8 alliance...The picture below appeared in Bay Windows, a Boston-based homosexual newspaper. This is from the previous day's Gay Pride parade - the "Boston Dyke March" which went through the Back Bay, featuring the female "Tranny Bois" marching down the street. Look very carefully. These are women who have had their breasts surgically removed, and are parading as "boys" with their chests bared.

You can read about the rest of the freaks and who was there here!