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Monday, September 12, 2005

The research institute that advertises foetus body parts on internet

TATYANA ZAKHAROVA shook her head as she ran her finger down the page and read out the products on offer.

“Foetus spleen cells, fragments of foetus spine, foetus liver cells,” the human rights activist from Kharkov said.

“How can this be allowed?” The list was taken from a website, www.celltransplantation.iatp.org.ua naming materials produced by the Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, in Kharkov.

The institute, one of the biggest and most famous in its field, says that the materials are produced legally using early aborted foetuses which are otherwise disposed of as biowaste.

But its highly specialised and controversial research is now under scrutiny after renewed allegations that live babies — or their dead bodies — have disappeared from maternity hospitals in Kharkov.

".....She said most of the research was done using stem cells from foetuses aborted before their sixth week. But she added that there were probably potential medical uses for material from foetuses aborted later. “I’m sure everything can be useful if that is what you want. But late materials are much more controversial — they are rare things,” she said.

But there are loopholes.

Under Ukrainian law, babies born before 27 weeks or weighing under 1 kg (21b 3oz) are automatically considered abortions, rather than births. The babies are therefore not officially registered, and are sometimes taken away from their mothers and not returned, human rights activists say. ...."

Russians are not the only country selling baby parts. The US does as well as Canada!

We have become human commodieties. GOD HELP US!

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