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Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Lucila Ventura, 18, immigrant of El Salvador resident of West Ny New Jersey, gave birth to a baby Boy and threw him down a 31-foot air shaft, he landed on some trash and survived. While police were retrieving his body, they stumbled upon the mummified remains of a baby girl.
Turns out Lucila was the mother of her also. She Threw both babies out like yesterday's trash!

The Father of the babies? Jose Julio Ventura, 44 - Lucila's father- INCEST!

The father should be hung in the sun and covered with molasses and left for nature to tend to- friggin pedophile!
Lucila should be jailed with the pictures of her kids hung on the walls around her, to see everyday what she did!-Then Deported!

Read it!