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Thursday, September 15, 2005

In Response: The Pledge, Freewill, and Choices

I started to repond on my comments section of the last post, but it went on so long, and I was actually impressed that I was saying something worth being heard, I thought why hide it in comments.

Most people who visit my prolife blog I dont believe visit my other blog, which is more of a social issue, rant, and personal view blog. A place for my stuff-The stuff in my head that is. This post would actually fit well over there- and I will probably cross post it. Anyway...

In regards to the comments,.....Here we go.....

No disrespect to anyone of my fellow bloggers- friends in CHRIST. I understand the all around anger on this.

From score one for athieism to not pleging allegiance to a country over GOD.

I used to not say the pledge at one point b/c I felt it was nationalism in all its gory glory. I was playing to the government gods by praying to them. and b/c the pledge seemed to have lost its meaning..it is republic not a friggin democracy!

I do murmur the words when it is required, or at least stand in respect. I guess I need to really decide where I stand on this issue.
Is it IDOLATRY to say the pledge?
As a Constitutionalist I believe GOD first, then Family and Country, in that order.
So long as I dont neglect my reverence to GOD I dont think he will view my pledge as idolatry - since anyone who knows me knows how much I HATE GOVERNMENT-At least the tyrannical ones we have been getting.

When it comes to laws it is GOD over man, how many Christians can say that with conviction and mean it.

Will I go along with national id cards, and microchipping as a way of life in this country absolutely not. Will I allow myself or my child to be searched before entering the subway? NOPE! WHY?
I have the right to travel , to privacy, to autonomy, and anonymity ,to privacy, all these guaranteed to me by GOD and re-inforced in the constitution.

While mans laws may apply to things like speeding, I will obey, when it comes to control issues like seatbelts, those are MY choices and mine alone. There is a line in the sand we all must find our own.

We must question the laws put before us, with a question of to which end? and for what GOOD? And how far will it go?

Kinda in the vein of WWJD.

This comes back to understanding the constitution. GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.

Just as sodomites have the right to practice any perversion they see fit, they will have to answer to a higher power, they do NOT have the right to put it in my face or teach it to kids. We have free will, however even JESUS said if it effects the least of these..if it harms the hairs of children..( not verbatim)..it is a serious offense. Where we have a responsibility to stand for the LORD and his laws, we must also know that we all have been given freewill, and we will all answer for our choices- KARMA- Learning the lessons of your choices- what goes around comes around- sowing and reaping- in this lifetime OR judgement in the next.

I have the right to say what is on my mind and know that it might come back and bite me in the ass- but it is my RIGHT and my RESPONSIBILTY. If it bites me, I have noone to blame but me.
If I say that abortion is wrong and GOD doesn't think so, he will show me how I am wrong- KARMA-
If I Say it is Right and God says NO he will show how and why it is wrong- Karma- Sowing and reaping if you will.
Problem today is noone sees GOD anywhere anymore, and they don't see his handiwork either. From a beautiful flower, to a devastating storm. No Accountability or responsibilty- we have removed him from the equation- we have come to rely on our little gods in government for our salvation...Where is your line in the sand?

While we get angry, and believe me noone has more ulcers then me over the state of the world, we are suffering at the whims of our gods, and the evil that follows them. Good is bad and bad is good.

We should not be surprised, it was prophecised;
Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!
Woe unto [them that are] wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight!
Woe unto [them that are] mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink:
Which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!
Isa. 5:20-23

Yes I will keep getting angry over these issues, because while I cannot control them directly, I may have some influence thru prayer, and intervention. Because these issues affect me and mine as well as everyone else. I may keep GOD in my home ( for now, until they come to remove that), They may "try" to stop me from proclaiming his name in Public- Notice I said "try", it will never stop my faith. And while it is true that the actions of the godless amoung us will effect us- "GOD sends the rains upon the just and the unjust", it is all the more reason for us to stand up and profess he is real, and he has judgement in store for all of us.

Rather then argue the question of should we or shouldn't we say the pledge, the question or perhaps the solution is more in spreading the Gospel, challenging the athieists to disprove GOD. Everytime one of them tries, he finds GOD. I have seen so many people over the years, scientists, athiesists, agnostics, say they were challenged, and found GOD.

This message isn't for anyone, it is for EVERYONE!
By allowing our anger to turn on ourselves, we let the evil win. Just as I see in my e-groups, people who come together at one time to discuss and work towards solutions of winning back our land, governemnt and way of life, a disagreement provides a crack in the door for evil to enter and cause discord, and strife amoung us. Agree to Disagree is my motto, and I live by it.

My views and philosphecies differ so greatly from so many of my friends and brothers and sisters in CHRIST, including my pastor, but the common ground we all share is our Love of GOD, our Reverence for him, and our Desires to bring sanity back into the mix. By working towards common goals like ending abortion, and ending laws that will inhabit our freedom of speech- (Todays headlines? Special protections for homosexuals- The Hate Crimes Bill-) it will not be long before we mirror canada, in jailing pastors for speaking out and preaching the gospel, because it is not politically correct and sodomites view it as hateful- Just ask Michael Marcavage and the Repent America.com Group.

These are the important things. These are our common goals. There are others that could be named but I have gone on long enough. I just want my culture, my life, my country back. BUT I believe to do this we must bring GOD back!