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Friday, August 26, 2005

Sodomite Complaint Against Calgary Bishop Dropped - Was All About Getting Media Attention

Another sodomite screaming for media attention!

Norm Greenfield, who launched a human rights complaint against Calgary Bishop Fred Henry, has admitted to the media that his actions were done in order to attract media attention. Greenfield launched his complaint after Bishop Henry released a pastoral letter explaining Catholic teaching on the subject of homosexuality.

Explaining he never had a problem with the bishop, rather he just wanted a platform to have his voice heard! ( Dont we all ! But you dont see me stirring the pot and suing people- Goober)

He doesn't seem to care that he caused an enormous amount of stress to the Bishop and others, as well as Christians and People who wish to preserve the NATURAL order in life.
Like their lifestyle- self centered, self serving, and selfish so are the actions of this Sodomite!

Read it!
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