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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

65 out of 490 girls at school pregnant
Just what is in the Drinking Water?

Better yet what are they teaching them? Condoms? Gay Sex?

13% of the female students at Timken High School in Ohio are Pregnant.

One columnist Rick Senften wrote, he felt the pregnancies were the results of movies, TV and video games, lazy parents and lax discipline.

Well I cetainly can agree on some of those. Ever watch what's on tv? Especially geared to adolescents?

According to the Canton Health Department, through July, 104 of 586 babies born to Canton residents in the county's two largest hospitals had mothers between 11 and 19.

Teaching abstinence, with self -esteem is one way to curb it. I have seen a lot of t-shirts for kids that have messages such as I'm Worth the Wait, and Real Men are worth waiting for.

Teaching them not only the importance of waiting but they are special, like a diamond buried beneath the soil. That Abstinence is the only true way to prevent Diseases and Pregnancy.

I blame the Parents overall. The MUST NOT rely on the schools to teach their kids. They must take an active role in what their kids are reading, watching, and doing, and what the schools are Teaching them!

Read it!