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Friday, August 26, 2005

Childrens Literature.
Parents Need to Monitor this!

I wrote this earlier last week and posted it on my other Blog. Another article about this subject has come to my attention and I decided to Update it and Cross Post it here.

Parents need to be aware of what their children are reading.

I got a news alert about this book that is hitting the market, and it got me researching what other books are out there, especially with innocous sounding titles that we as parents wouldn't bother to suspect.

What bothers me most is the recruitment attitude that sodomites have. An example is the line from this one article in particular..

'What’s most important to Kim Wallace, author of the highly-acclaimed book series about gay and lesbian youth, Erik & Isabelle at Foresthill High? “Getting books into the hands of as many kids as possible,” she answers.

She has 3 books with this title, "Erik and Isabelle"- apparently a series.

This started me looking. One book I found on the net at amazon is "LUNA".

The reviewer stated:
"Yeah, I loved her. I couldn't help it. She was my brother!"
Here is a wonderful book for teens (targeted for 15 and older) who need a healthy introduction to transgender. It is fiction. It is also educational. The story blends a broad spectrum of general problems of teens with the stresses of coming out transgender. Hidden in the story is a pretty complete Transgender 101.
The story is written from the perspective of Regan, a female high school sophomore. Her brother Liam, a brilliant senior, can't stand the person he is during the day. His true self, Luna, reveals herself only at night. For years, Liam has transformed himself into the beautiful girl he longs to be with help from his sister's clothes and makeup in the secrecy of their basement bedrooms. Now everything is about to change. Luna is preparing to emerge from her cocoon. "

During research ran into this title: One Dad, Two Dads, Brown Dad, Blue Dads
PreSchool-Grade 2-a kid with 2 dads.

A reviewer wrote:
My son loves this book, and when we shared it with his pre-K class, the teacher immediately bought a copy for their library.

How My Family Came to Be: Daddy, Papa and Me, When Grown-Ups Fall in Love, Emma and Meesha My Boy, Molly's Family, The Family Book.

All these titles sound innocuous. The books try to normalize and change the definition of family. No Longer are family mother and father. Now they are 2 mothers, 2 fathers, and everything in between. They are all pre-K- grade 2 books

Other Books I discovered: Keeping You a Secret, Boy meets Boy, Dare Truth or Promise, Annie on My Mind, Girl Walking Backwards, Empress of the World, Kissing Kate, Crush, Deliver Us from Evie,
Gravel Queen, Rainbow Boys, Rainbow High, So Hard to Say, Geography Club, Almost Like Being in Love , Clay's Way : A Novel, The Realm of Possibility, A Son Called Gabriel, The Order of the Poison Oak, Masked Destiny. Just to mention some.

Some of these books were graded at age 12 and up. 12? What does a 12 year old know about sexuality? Why are we influencing them? I found the answer to that in a chat room.
Homosexual recruitment is best done before puberty before the practice of heterosexual behavior re-inforces heterosexual behavior. And, of course, all children have soft brains making it easiest to indoctrinate people when they're young.
Another news item I ran into this evening, ( which Prompted this article) talked about a book called : "Gossip Girl". There is an apparent series of these as well. These books are about bored rich girls who (because they are bored) start drinking, doing drugs, and having sex. Definetly NOT something you want your teenage daughter reading.

Godless (National Book Award for Young People's Literature (Awards) Raised my eye. It's About Atheism. A Boy who starts his own religion against the wishes of his Catholic Father. One reviewer wrote:"The protagonist in this book, Jason, is a teen atheist. He creates a clearly absurd "religion" -- worship of the town's water-tower -- as an act of rebellion against the mind-numbingly dull religious training that his parents are forcing on him. His actions have some unexpected consequences, but the consequences do not in the end have any effect on his basic anti-religious outlook. In this era of American religious triumphalism, presenting Jason as the clearest-eyed guy around is a daring authorial act. A great read."

It is geared towards those 13 and up. I don't know I f I would want my kids reading this. I think I would definetly read it first.

My Advice is If you can't find the time to read these books first, ( who has time to read anymore), then go to a place like amazon .com and put the title in the search and read some of the reviews. Don't take the title on face value. As they used to say, you can't judge a book by looking at the cover.

Update to this:
In Fayetteville Arkansas more then 50 books have been discovered to have pornographic themes. A retired teacher involved in Arkansas policy is urging the governor, state lawmakers, and school officials to protect children by removing them.

One book called Push, for example, contains a graphic description of a character having sex with a baby. And another book called Deal With It offers young adolescent girls instructions on how to perform perverse sexual acts.

Debbie Pelley is a retired teacher who runs www.wpaag.org, a website that alerts parents to the content of controversial books like these that are being made available to impressionable school children. The educator-turned-activist believes such books may actually violate state law.~~(This website has the pictures and materials that are in YOUR SCHOOL LIBRARY!)

The office of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has declined to comment publicly on the books in question. Seems Mr Huckabee doesn't want to rock the boat right now as he is planning a bid for the presidency!

Pelley says Huckabee seems to have time to fly to California to appear on HBO, campaign in New Hampshire, sponsor a "socialized" medical program called Kids First, and back a program giving illegal aliens prenatal care. However, she says the governor apparently has no time to speak out on destructive pornographic school library books and the health problems they will generate.

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