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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Round-Up: 'Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman' Bumper Sticker =DEMOTION +REPRIMAND!
PEDOPHILE Clowns working with kids at gay parade!

A computer technician has filed a federal lawsuit in Orange County after being reprimanded and demoted for expressing his support for traditional marriage.

The Employee not named in the article works in an office environment where co-workers are permitted to have personal, religious, and even political messages in their cubicles. He decided to take a stand for traditional values by posting a bumper sticker in his cubicle that stated, "Marriage = man + woman." His supervisor ordered him to remove the sticker because it was deemed "offensive." Even though he graciously complied, he was reprimanded and demoted.

He contacted Pacific Justice Institute. PJI informed the employer that it was violating federal and state law and attempted to resolve the situation peacefully, but the employer refused to budge from its discriminatory position, and continues to ban the employee's pro-marriage message.


Meanwhile Across the waters Aruba was being forced to Recognize sodomite marriages.

A lesbian couple “married” in the Netherlands in 2001 won a fight to have their same-sex relationship recognized by the government of Aruba Tuesday. Aruba’s Superior Court denied the government’s appeal of a lower court ruling, despite widespread opposition to the homosexual lifestyle on the island and in the Caribbean region in general.

A lower court ruled in December that the “marriage” of Charlene and Esther Oduber-Lamers be registered by the government. Aruban Prime Minister Nelson Oduber has promised to take the case to Holland’s Supreme Court. “We give neither legal nor moral recognition to same-sex marriages,” said the Prime Minister’s spokesman, Ruben Trapenberg, according to the AP.

As well as Hong Kong.

A Hong Kong judge overturned anti-sodomy laws as unconstitutional Wednesday, also ruling them discriminatory, after a homosexual man launched a legal challenge of the law.

Last month a Clown at a sodomite parade was discovered to be a registered sex offender.

As it turns out there appears to be lies going on over this. Originally reported this parade had AHHNOLDs Blessings. That is until it was discovered that 2 pedophiles were volunteers. The 2 men Warren Derichsweiler who was convicted of forcible sex with a child under 14, and Daniel Reiger who was convicted of a sex act with a person under 16.

San Diego Pride says it is working hard at improving background checks, but will not remove Derichsweiler and Reiger from the roster."The San Diego Pride Board has unanimously decided it will stand behind any individual committed to rehabilitation," said Frank Sabatini Jr. of San Diego Pride Media Relations.

Then on July 27 it was reported that there were 3 individuals and after pressure from sponsor groups, organizers said they would NOT be Volunteering and would no longer be part of the weekend's gay pride parade in Hillcrest.

The 2 men and a staffer who admitted to having a criminal past as a sex offender have agreed to resign. The pride board had initially decided to allow them to continue to work the event, before they resigned.

Now it turns out that although the two men did resign the third worked the parade for a little while and still another was working with the children as "Marty the Clown", and has been doing so for years!
Martin Ramirez, is registered on the Megan's Law Web site)

In a statement, Pride board co-chair Philip Princetta said, "The board of directors appologizes to this community for creating this situation. It was never the intent of any board member to deceive or lie to our community.

OH REALLY? These people don't care about kids. Their parades are rife with sexual innuendos and sex imitations in full view. They knew there were pedophiles volunteering and yet they said they were allowing them to stay on. It was only after the community and sponsors put pressure on did 2 resign and the third who was supposed to resign, stayed and worked anyway. Then a fourth showed up working with kids! OUTRAGEOUS!

Read this mess