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Saturday, August 27, 2005

Family loses court fight over ill father

More Drs. Deciding on life qualities.

While The Wyatts still wage a battle with the NHS and the Courts in London, another man's family has lost.

Charlotte Wyatt's family has been waging battle after battle to save their little girl , who is doing remarkably well despite the fact that Drs. have given up hope. Although thriving and smiling at pleasurable things in life the courts have sided with Drs. to keep a DNR in place.

While the family of a WAR VETERAN has been told the Drs. don't have to keep their father alive.

The man ( not named) is 86 yrs. old, and until recently was relatively healthy.

After his heart attack in July his health has deterioted. His family of Muslim origin believe Drs. have to do all to keep him alive, anything less is tantamount to murder.

The NHS trust that runs the hospital where he is being treated believes he has no chance of getting better and wants the right to withdraw life support.

Mr Justice Kirkwood, sitting at the High Court in London, ruled that doctors could withdraw medical care.

One of the man's sons had told the judge that according to the Islamic faith it was imperative for doctors to protect life.

"If the available medicine can protect life then it must," he said. "Death is in the hands of God.

The Family is planning an appeal.

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