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Friday, August 19, 2005

Jesus A Democratic?
Lets talk about this word "Tolerance"

So says Retired Lutheran minister Daniel Bruch of Live Liberal and Linda Valdez, commentator.

Tolerance and Love, that's what Jesus Stood For! Ya Think so?

That depends on what version or definition of the word Tolerance you acribe to.

Libs think tolerance is equated to acceptance. It's Not!
Tolerance is not agreeing with you but not taping your mouth shut!
Tolerance is the fact that my daughter listens to urban and rap crap in her car even when I am there, but I don't have to listen to it especially when I am alone. I can tune it out by talking, reading, looking out the window and drifting off in my mind.

Libs would want me to listen to it, and sing along with it, hell they want me to like it!

Tolerance is knowing people who are sodomites, but not accepting their lifestyle, even though I still speak to them. Tolerance and love as JESUS ascribed is not bashing their heads in because of their lifestyles but speaking out about the sin or their lifestyle!

I love my neighbors even the homo ones, because they are people lost in sin, but I will not join them in lifestyle nor will I ALLOW them to teach my children about it! THAT'S WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT LOVE!

When we stop twisting the language and misinterpreting the scriptures and read from the same page maybe we will get some understanding.

That being said, GOD also said to repent and turn from sin and he will bless our LANDS. I personally am Offended by the fact that people with NO regards for others besides themselves walk around in sin and want to take others with them. This nation used to be a great nation, it is now going down the crapper! I want my land to be a great nation again.

I will not allow anyone to infect my kids with their sinful ways. My youngest Daughter and grandson, are being taught Biblical Principals. My daughter knows sodomy is sinful, she also knows we need to pray for those and not beat them up. She also knows how disgusted I get when it is on tv in MY and HER Face! She has told me to change the channel when she discovers a show with unholy themes. *Tv=noise value and an attempt at brain distraction for me sometimes.*

Jesus Said I came to enforce the Laws, not change them. The Ten Commandments were part of the law.
Would JESUS condone Abortion? Abortion is Murder. Sodomy brings the population to an end, since you cannot reproduce, so He wouldn't be for that either.
Tolerance? Jesus' example of Tolerance was knowing we sin, we are not perfect, and like the woman being charged with Adultery, he told her He FORGAVE HER, and he also told her GO AND SIN NO MORE!

That is Real TOLERANCE!