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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Pro-Lifers Snubbed by U.N.

The Pro-Population people at the UN have snubbed prolife groups but did allow the pro abort groups!~FIGURES!~

Pro-life groups are stinging after being excluded from a United Nations conference that will influence the direction of the organization for years to come—a conference in which Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates took part.

The "informal interactive hearings" were meant to give nongovernmental organizations—NGOs a voice in Millennium Development Goals, the pillars that United Nations' activity will be guided by in the coming years.

Task force member Gemma Adaba said a wide range of input was sought.

"And on the basis of the invitation, and on a nominations form, where we ask people to indicate what their main messages would be, we chose participants on that basis," she said.

Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, applied to go—and said he wasn't alone in doing so.

"Many, many other pro-life and pro-family NGOs applied to the U.N. to participate in this conference," he said, "and every single one of them were rejected."

For what it is worth, You can send a seething letter to Kofi Annan Here

I Did, it wasnt pretty!