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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Who or What killed GM? ABORTIONS!

According to Business Reform. Their article back in August of 2003 states:
The United Auto Workers (UAW) is asking automakers and parts suppliers to include voluntary abortions as "medical care" covered under their collective bargaining extortions. Smaller unions, who lack the UAW's leverage, often use their comrades' documents as boilerplate for their own negotiations. If the unions are successful in pushing through this latest demand, it could very well mean that every American company with union workers will be forced to pay to murder the unborn.

Kate Michelman, president of NARAL Pro-Choice America has said "It's a very significant move that the UAW is taking up the issue, and it reflects thinking that reproductive health care for women is not a luxury, it's basic health care."
Voluntary abortions are basic health care? Voluntary – as in a doctor hasn't said that it's a required medical procedure? Health care - as in ending the life of a human being, created in the image of God, complete with head, body, limbs, fingers, toes, faces, and a beating heart?

Health care costs add $1,500 to the cost of each car sold by the company, placing the company at a huge disadvantage to foreign competitors.-

Today it is known that Gm's rankings have been reduced to Junk Status. Gm is planning a comeback by cutting jobs and cutting production.

Said WND:One has to question whether union leadership serves its members interests or whether it serves the false liberal god spouting anti-biblical doctrines such as "women's rights", "an impregnated woman's right to choose to murder", and "the right of gay, lesbian, and transgendered employees to have the company pay for treatment of the sin-induced medical problems of so-called partners."

Gee I wonder if they would have JUST SAID NO! To all the worldly demands they would have been more successful? YA THINK?