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Monday, June 20, 2005

Babies from Dead Babies!

Rebecca at Doxology posted an interesting article, I saw it but didnt read it until I saw it on her site while I was out blog-trolling...
Infertile and gay couples will be able to have biological children thanks to scientists using embryonic stem cells to create sperm and eggs.

So, they're going to take dead, unwanted babies, do a little scientific magic to the cells, and make designer, "wanted" babies.
She said "What The?"..My thoughts exactly.

From The BBC:

The team at the Centre for Stem Cell Biology in Sheffield used stem cells taken from embryos donated for research by couples undergoing IVF.

They found some formed into a collection of cells called embryoid bodies.
Professor Harry Moore, who runs the centre, said the research meant it might ultimately be possible to produce sperm and eggs to use in assisted conception treatments.

British Fertility Society secretary Dr Allan Pacey called the research an "exciting step forward that has huge implications for the way we could undertake research studies to investigate the processes of egg and sperm development. ...

....However, the charity Life said the work was less about helping infertile couples to have children than about helping to solve the acute shortage of eggs and sperm needed for human cloning and embryonic stem cell research.

Spokesman Matthew O'Gorman said: "Just because something may be possible does not mean that it is ethical.

"Destructive research on human embryos erodes respect for the value of human life and must be stopped."