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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nurse fired for refusing to give abortion pill

Religious Beliefs need not apply! Even for a Catholic Hospital!

Toni Lemly a nurse for 23 years says she was fired from her full time job at St. Tammany Parish Hospital in Louisiana for refusing to give out the morning after pill.

Toni says she had informed hospital supervisory staff that she objected to administering the abortion pill because of her sincerely held religious beliefs.

The hospital responded by firing her from her full-time position and reducing her to part-time status, working only three days a week. The demotion to part-time status caused a substantial reduction in her pay as well as loss of employee benefits.

Toni claims she offered a number of reasonable suggestions to the hospital that would enable the facility to continue administering the pill while still allowing her to abstain from dispensing it herself.
Of course the hospital didn't budge.

She has hired the ADF to defend her in court.
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