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Saturday, June 25, 2005

If it Works, They will Come...The ACLU that is

The ACLU-AntiChristian Lucerferic Union- is now after the abstinence only programs on the grounds they are "UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Gauranteed if it works they will be there to tear it down!

This time it is a program called "SILVER RING THING". It is an abstinence pledge taken by the students, after taking the pledge and signing the promise to abstain from sexual activity until marriage, they wear a silver ring as a reminder.

No Harm No, Foul. Right? Whats the problem?
TheProblem is , ...It works! And the Demons at the aclu dont like that!

Actually they arent suing SRT directly, but rather the abstinence programs. SRT comes under the umbrella of all abstinence only programs, because they are a faith based abstinence program, the aclu says it is unconstitutional for the gov't to fund such.

Do Abstinence only programs work? Yes says Heritage.org.

Several reports show lowered STD's, unwanted pregnacies, and less risky sex.

Of course a lot of abstinence only programs are faith based, which is what is leading the aclu to scream bloody murder!

Some public schools say they offer abstinence programs , but what they actually offer is a few cursory words , like, of course abstinence is the best way to avoid pregnancy, disease, etc. while offering condoms birth control and even lessons in the mechanics of risky sexual behaviour, like anal and oral sex.

Truth be told abstinence only programs receive only $1.00 for every $12.00 spent on family planning ,safe sex programs.
Total government spending for abstinence education programs was only $144.1 million in FY 2002. By contrast, total government spending on family planning, safe sex, and contraceptive promotion was $1.73 billion in the same year.

Of course the aclu wants to make sure NO money goes into abstinence only programs!