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Friday, May 06, 2005


I'll Admit, I don't know alot about stem cells. My passion is more abortion/ euthanasia. I do know that you can get stem cells from umbilical cord blood, and other parts of the body.
The thought of taking stem cells from scraping the ovaries and growing a baby in a petri dish is disturbing. It rubs my spirit the wrong way. For that reason, I say this is wrong.

There are other things that bug me about this too, they are harvesting these cells to "Grow babies" using chemicals, for research.

This certainly crosses the lines of Ethics. Experimenting on fetuses for science.

According to this article they want to try to extend the menopausal start of women to keep them fertile longer. They're messing with the natural order of things.

A woman's body is scheduled to begin menopause, or peri - menopause at a certain age. Uusally around mid to late thirties, or early forties. She is to decline in hormones over a period of years, until she levels off and her periods stop altogether, however she is still fertile at this time. Many women have had "Menopause Babies."

Like the pill that offers woman only 4 periods a year as opposed to the natural 28 day cycle, when you start messing with the natural order of things, you are bound to have problems.

According to Andrew Goldstein, MD That pill, Seasonale prevented pregnancy as regular pills.. Both were nearly 100% effective when taken as directed. Health experts have not done long-term studies on the effects of suppressing menstruation.

Some gynecologists believe that women should not stop monthly menstruation because it’s a natural part of the hormonal cycle. Periods give the body a break from a continuous high supply of estrogen. Suppressing them could have negative consequences.

At the same time, doctors are also concerned that continuous birth control may raise some women’s lifetime intake of estrogen and progesterone.