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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Not brain-dead, but ripe for transplant

Not brain-dead, but ripe for transplant

This issue was brought out sometime during the Terri Schindler murder. In the aftermath discussions about protecting oneself from over-zealous Drs. who wanted nothing more then to take your body parts... Frankensteins!

A few people dare to saye those of us who were talking about this were paranoid, and conspiracy nutz!

I told my oldest whom I left verbal ( now to get them in writing) instructions, one thing was to make absolutely certain I was dead and absolutely NOBODY gets my organs unless I stipulate otherwise in writing!

After watching Terri languish and reading how others came out of their mental or comatose states I decided I wanted to be hooked up for ever!

I hate this world so much I want to suck the life out of it when I go, If I have to languish! Hopefully God will be merciful and just rip me outta here like a band-aid from a childs knee...RRRIIIPPPPPPPPP... SHE'S OUTTA HERE.

On a cold Canadian night, Janet, a 20-year-old aspiring athlete, rolled her car. Her seat belt slipped up around her neck, adding to a plethora of injuries, including brain damage so severe that she had to be kept permanently anaesthetised, and spinal damage that would likely lead to quadriplegia.

For 25 days Janet (not her real name) lay in intensive care. One specialist declared her case hopeless, and recommended switching off life support. Had that happened, first her heart would have stopped, and several minutes later her brain activity would have ceased. Yet although Janet was a card-carrying organ donor, in many countries her organs wouldn't be used. This is because doctors would normally wait to confirm that she was brain-dead (see "Redefining death"). In the time it takes to do that her organs would have been irreparably damaged.

For this reason, organs for transplant usually come from patients with brain injuries so severe that brain death is determined before the life support that keeps their hearts and lungs functioning is removed, enabling their organs to be kept in good condition until the moment they are harvested. Such organs are in critically short supply.

Now, however, this situation is changing. In June, Ottawa Hospital in Canada announced its first organ transplant in recent history from a patient who hadn't been classified as brain-dead, ........."

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