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Friday, March 17, 2006

A Poem for Terri.

A fellow Blogger at a dating site I frequent is a very talented writer/poet. His name is Edward. He writes some excellent stuff, and this one he wrote about Terri. I have his permission to share it with everyone in blogsphere ala my blogs. Thanks Edward.

Dear Terri Schiavo

How cool are you?
You got the president, the congress and senate
to fly in the middle of the night to write a law just for you
No one has ever done that before

Let the truth be known, it didn’t really matter
whether you moral fiber was in your body or in heaven
your true purpose in life came forth through
the thousands who now made living wills
because of your indelible spirit

Even when the media would show your disfigured
face and body hundreds of times a day
People still saw your incredible light on both sides of the fight

I stand in awe of your importance,
to turn a misguided mistake into
a life lesson for all in a hugger-muggering state of being

It’s true, your family, husband and others will continue
to fight for what they believe is right
In time all will settle back into steady routine of life
Whereas, your altruistic purpose shall be carried out
with dignity from this day forward

You made a stand, mark and made me shed
many of tears, both sad and joyful,
even though I have never met you
Now how cool is that

Edward K. Deputy