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Monday, July 17, 2006

Another Abortion Mill Rescued and Blessed.

Last week it was A Kansas abortion mill that was bought out and turned into a pro-life office, this week it was a Buffalo NY abortiuon mill that was blessed by the Bishop Edward U. Kmiec and turned into a Catholic Chapel.

“In the tradition of the early church, pagan temples were turned into holy
spaces,” Bishop Kmiec said. “We have done the same thing here today.” The
diocesan newspaper, the Western New York Catholic, reported in its July
edition that the chapel in Williamsville, a Buffalo suburb, is now the
on-site chapel of a Catholic radio station, Holy Family
Communications. Joanne Wright, another co-founder of Holy Family
Communications, called the new chapel "the tomb of martyrs." It is used for
private prayer by station employees and as the site of a daily Mass