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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Woman Sues For “Wrongful Abortion

Rosa Acuna sued her doctor for telling her that the child she was carrying
at seven weeks gestation was not a baby, when he advised her to abort the
high-risk pregnancy. The 29-year-old mother of two suffered from a kidney
disorder. Mrs. Acuna says Dr. Sheldon Turkish told her, “Don’t be stupid, it’s
just some blood,” when she asked if there was a baby present in her womb at that
stage of pregnancy.

A severe haemorrhage three weeks after the abortion resulted in her
emergency hospitalization, where a nurse told her, “the doctor left parts of the
baby in you,” according to court papers. She sued on grounds that she decided to
abort based on “erroneous information.”

How many more women will now come foward and tell there story and sue for compaensation...After all those decades of PPF and others telling them it is just some blood and cells?