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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

From the Archives
Aborted Fetus' Used in Beauty treatments.

I ran this Jun 19, 2005... I dug it out because of todays repeat story of babys and cosmetics.

What is the Hottest thing among the Russian elite? Aborted Fetus!

The fetal stem-cell therapy is not only being used to smooth out wrinkles, but also as a method of getting rid of cellulite and excess flab.....

.....Investigations are currently being carried out into an illegal baby trade that sees impoverished women from Russia and the surrounding countries selling their aborted fetuses for about $200.

Some women, according to a report in the London Observer, are being paid extra for having their abortions late term, producing more valuable dead babies.

"Doctors tell the women or girls that there is a problem with their pregnancy and that the baby has to be aborted, or else they are offered more money,".....

Ukrainian law permits aborted humans to be passed to research institutes if the woman consents and her anonymity is protected. But police investigators found the staff at government health facilities are selling them to private clinics offering illegal therapies.