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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Alito, Abortion and Radicalism?

I'm so mad I can spit fiery nails threw my teeth right now. Actually the anger started last night. Letting the sun go down on my anger disrupted my sleep and awakened me with an attitude, rightfully so.

For some of you who read my other blog, you have heard me say, I don't watch much tv anymore and certainly NOT the nightly snooze. The likes of Dan Blabber and Tom Brokejaw sent me away years ago, especially when I started reading alternative media and "THINKING FOR MYSELF!".
The only days I rarely watch the news is when it is sandwiched between 2 shows I want to see and there is not anything to turn too, case in point: I watch Medium on monday nights, I also like when Jay Leno does "Headlines" on the tonight show. I don't see it too often as I usually fall asleep just after medium. However last night I was wide awake, so I sat thru the snooze waiting for Jay to do Headlines so I can sleep after laughing my butt off.

They had a story the ticked me off. Well actually most of the B.S. theywere spewing ticked me off but this one in general was about Judge Alito's writing about the Constitution and Abortion. Now I have NOT been keeping up with a lot of news, pro-life or otherwise, as of late for personal reasons- ( my life is changing direction again, and I am trying to keep my emotions in check so I don't stagnate), but when I heard the comments by the snooze heads, I was flawed at the way they were shaping opinions.

"Judge Alito's Words regarding abortion and the constitution haunting him?"
I Thought, "what?" So I waited thru the commercials, ZZZzzzz for the news item and they were talking as if HE was SOOO from the Cave Era for saying the Constitution does not Guarantee a womans right to kill her child.
They had clips of protest marchers for choice followed by a flash of a pro-life sign , followed by more pro-choice women, (mostly) and the commentators were calling anyone who stood for PRO-LIFE- "THE RADICAL RIGHT"!!!! I have heard the term used for people who are against Homosexuality, and even Christians, of which I ascribe to in both parks, But to say we are RADICAL because we believe Life is sacred?????

Well you know what? I am going out on a limb and I am going to design my little radical slogan to sell for all of those who like me are radical!
A slogan I used to put in my taglines, that has gotten me into a few arguments, but is not my idea, it was Inspired in prayer. I asked GOD to help me with words, common sense, that would reach people on the street, "The Worldly People." Maybe he just cleared some of the cobwebs in my brain to help me see what I was thinking all along, maybe he put them there, in any event, It is the Answer to Womens Choice, a radical answer by one Radical GOD!
I will post the link when I am done.