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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Still More Reasons to avoid Hospitals and Doctors!

macKenzie Smith was born with a genetic defect that left her unable to digest her food. From the age of 1 she was hooked up to a feeding tube and spent endless days and night in the hospital in NYC.

She was in Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center. Suddenly she developed a mean cough, but Drs. ignored it. The Hacking continued. By December she was brought back to the hospital. She had fevers, and a mean hack that was "Explosive".

By Dec. 21, both of her lungs had collapsed. On Christmas Eve, she wasn't responding to voices or to touch. McKenzie went into cardiac arrest.
"Do you want us to work on her or do you want to hold her?" the doctors asked.
"I'm her mother," Michele Smith said. "I want both."

She died in her Mothers arms.

An autopsy revealed that McKenzie's lungs "were completely destroyed," Michele said. "They were worse than an 80-year-old who smoked his whole life and had emphysema."
The Smiths wanted to know why. How had a child with gastrointestinal problems developed a hacking cough and died?
The Smiths began asking doctors to meet with them.
"I'm still waiting for that meeting," Michele said yesterday.

Turns out MacKenzie wasn't the only child to suddenly die of the same mysterious circumastances in 2001. 5 other children died or were left infected also.

In a statement, Columbia-Presbyterian said: "We are confident that we provided the optimum care to these critically ill patients."
The Smiths said yesterday that they plan to sue as well.