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Friday, November 11, 2005

'Revoked' living-will death stirs fervent online debate

While I saw this story when I first got my internet turned on after moving, I refused to blog on it, figuring the rest of blogsphere was doing so. It also raised my emotions to the point where I had to walk away, hence I have not been posting on serious issues. I am trying to keep my blood pressure on an even keel but this is not going away and it just done ticked me off this morning!

The fact that living wills can be revoked is alarming and frightening.
Having dealt with this situation regarding my mother I know all too well the emotional rollercoaster and the pain involved in making decisions about ending someones life. ( I still question myself and struggle with the demons of it to this day!)

This man however was all about staying alive as was Terri Schindler. The fact that the hospital staff let his alarms go off and did nothing about it warrants an investigation.
In my opinion I believe the wife was looking for an easy out, when she signed the DNR papers.
People change their minds about life and death decisions, In my early twenties I would have most likely had been put to death given statements I had made about life and death and incapacitation. Today I will state emphatically for the record, I want to be kept alive, no matter the cost involved.

I watched an old tv recording I had, in it was Dr. Stephen Hawkings, Brilliant man with a Brilliant Mind. He had lou Gehrigs disease I believe, but his mind was sharp as a tack, he could not however communicate the usual way, orally.

Using computers and his eyes he was able to speak out about the state of technology and its use in medical as well as other things.

To think that this man would have been put to death because he had less movement the Terri Schindler, and could not even voice a noise, while his mind is fluidly aware is terrifying.


Family say so? Nope! If you do not state in such detailed way and even then who is to say you "Arent in there" as many people who have come out of comas and coma like states have reported, if you cannot find a way to communicate with people.

We have come to a place in time where we all have to have knowledge of medical ins and outs to understand the functioning body. We have to know in the future if we will have our mind in tact. This puts us in a precarious situation. Do you , reader, know what the end of your life will be like? Can you say with certainty whether or not you would want to live given "ANY" set of circumstances? What if you become comatose? You don't know for sure whether or not your mind will still be with you?
Given the margin of era, the reports of those who have come back and stated they heard it all, and the fact that perhaps the mind is the last thing to go after the body fails, I will err on the side of LIFE!