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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Sins of SinCity

The Southern Decandence which was scheduled for last week and Did not happen due to Katrina (GODS CLEANING) is going to start tomorrow.
While thousands are still floating in the Streets, and many are still without the basic food and water, neds, and supplies, these incredibly selfish and callous people are planning on celebrating in the streets the way they know how. SEX in the Streets. Their Featured event: Floatin' Floozies. How Ironic.

Selfish and Uncaring. I hope they are ready for the next storm!

In 2001 it was prophecized there would be disaster there. Did anyone listen?
Was this GOD'S Doing? I am not he, I can't say for certain, but it is my opinion that he allowed it to happen, that is he did NOT stop it.
Although he lessened the brunt. If Katrina had slammed headlong in La. through N.O. the loss of life and property would have been that much greater.
Death is the wages of Sin. This WAS Sin City!