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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Imagine What Hell is Like
Accounts of life in the Superdome.

Imagine being told that when your baby poops to scrape the diaper off and reuse it?

Imagine a metal baricade stopping you from leaving and finding resources? Like diapers and formula?

Imagine living in a dark feces covered dungeon for a week, no running water, only 2 bottles of water a day , and if you are lucky, maybe some ready to eat- Surplus food- If you are fortuneate enough to be at the head of the food line.

Imagine hearing that kids being housed with you were being snatched and raped, and noone did anything.

Imagine having to live with the smell of Decaying dead bodies, mixed with urine and feces. 2 of them babies 4 months and 6 months old. Apparently starved to death?
Pictures of Corpses are not allowed-it is too PIC (Politically incorrect).


Life at the superdome is just like that. While Big Bro Fiddles.

Imagine Finally Getting out of that hell hole and see them put people ahead of you in line that were housed in a hotel for the week while you were in a concentration camp? Then told you had to wait another day before you could leave-Herded back into the camp- DARKNESS, FILTH, CRIME.

How do shots ring out if these people were subjected to body searches, property searches? All that bowing down, all that boot licking for a little shelter, and (security?).

A National Guard M.P.Sgt. Jason Defess, 27 said he would have much preferred to be back in Iraq compared to N.O.
"To tell you the truth, I'd rather be in Iraq," where he was deployed for 14 months, until January. "You got your constant danger, but I had something to protect myself. [And] three meals a day. Communications. A plan. Here, they had no plan."

Imagine being told you would be murdered if you boarded the buses for evac because of your skin color or your age.

"They hated us. Four young black men told us the buses were going to come last night and pick up the elderly so they were going to kill us," she said, sobbing. "They were plotting to murder us and then they sent the buses away because we would all be killed if the buses came -- that's what the people in charge told us this morning."

Other survivors recounted horrific cases of sexual assault and murder.

Sitting with her daughter and other relatives, Trolkyn Joseph, 37, said men had wandered the cavernous convention center in recent nights raping and murdering children.

She said she found a dead 14-year old girl at 5 a.m. on Friday morning, four hours after the young girl went missing from her parents inside the convention center.

"She was raped for four hours until she was dead," Joseph said through tears. "Another child, a seven-year old boy was found raped and murdered in the kitchen freezer last night."

"I really don't know what to say about President Bush," said Richard Dunbar, 60, a Vietnam veteran. "He showed no lack of haste when he wanted to go to Iraq, but for his own people right here in Louisiana, we get only lip service."