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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Humans as gods. Life and Euthansia

It is coming at me more and more. These Tv Commmercials. The fearmongering. First it was DTV- These legs can kill- From Blood-Clots. Then they called it PAD- Now last night I saw the same thing being called something different- ACS I think. All for these Plavix type drugs.

More and more people relying on the medical/ pharma community as gods ( little "g").

Reports now coming from the Netherlands about Drs. euthanising children.

"....The Dutch euthanasia law took effect in 2002. Before that, the Netherlands' highest court ruled in 1984 that euthanasia could be legal in limited circumstances.

The new study looked at 64 deaths of ill children during a four-month period. Of those, 42 cases involved medical decisions that could hasten death.

Doctors were given immunity against prosecution and their responses were kept anonymous in the government-sponsored study.

The decisions ranged from withholding life support, a practice accepted in the United States, to administering drugs such as morphine with the intention of ending suffering and hurrying death.

Only one case involved euthanasia in its strictest definition: doctor-assisted death at the patient's request...."

".....The law bars euthanasia for children younger than 12. However, officials at Groningen Academic Hospital have proposed guidelines for mercy killings of newborns deemed to be in great pain from incurable disease or extreme deformities — and in November, they revealed they had already begun carrying out such procedures, euthanizing four newborns in 2003...."

What does the opening statement have to do with This?
Man's dismissal of a power greater then himself, the loss of hope, and the loss of Miracles.

"They have eyes but cannot see."

Losing faith and relying on Drs. to fix our ills whether real or not.
Not having the faith in GOD to fix us, to help us, to give us strength. We were put here for a reason. We all have trials and tribs. They give us character and strengthen our faith. We learn lessons. Paul asked the Lord to take the thorn from his side, ( whatever that happened to be, it was not mentioned, but it troubled him.) His reply was "MY Grace is enough to sustain you."

How many people today ask for the grace and strength to get thru life. I do. I have thorns in my side. I have chains binding me I want broken. There are circumstances in my life that are at time unbearable. I pray for relief. I DON'T Pray for death. In fact I avoid Drs. and their bags of magic tricks. I don't go running off asking for the latest drug treatment ( like some people I know).

It should surprise NOONE that we are reaching this point in our evolution. No FAITH. No HOPE.

Read the rest of this sad story.