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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Getting to Know Me...

I have been Challenged. I put ths aside for this past week for my hurricane blogging, I know I am So opinionated.

I take on the challenge to the best of my ability. (I know I am prob. overlooking something here, but...) and pass on the challenge to my fellow bloggers below!

7 things I plan to do before I die:

Stop smoking, b4 it kills me.
Lose a ton of weight, b4 it kills me.
Write my book, a mystery or thrill adventure. If not, then a sort of auto bio of my survival.
Get even closer to GOD. Get better at forgiving
Raise my youngest up to have good morals strong character, and to marry a GOOD decent Christian Man.
Make a Difference./Change the world in some way, even if it is just my own small corner of it.
Retrain myself to ice skate again

7 things I can do:

Make beaded roses
Tune into my compassion and Empathy
See GOD in Nature
Use Common Sense_ something lacking in the US lately

7 things I cannot do:

Stand/walk for very long
Resist chocolate cake- esp. those times...
concentrate for extended periods of time
type as fast as I would like-esp. w/o errors- Thank GOD for speel chek
Tolerate Militants
Forgive my ex and his bimbo
Kill Moths--YUCK! EWWW*shiver*

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

Sense of Humor
Nice Buns
smarts without smugness
Hair -Unfortuneatly the ones my age, are losing it. LOL
Natural Magnetism/ connecting spiritually

7 things I say most often:

ENOUGH ALREADY!- Usually to my dau. and Gr.son
Oh Fudge
Byte Me
You Better Watch that Attitude- Yea I gots me one of those eye-rolling smart mouthed GIRLS!

7 celebrity crushes:

Not a whole lot of these, since my tv is limited.-Don't watch a lot.
But ...
Still think patrick Swayze is a hotty.
Mario Lopez-The guy from Animal Planet. I love his Dimples.
LLcool J..I seen him in one of those shark movies..Man he took care of himself!
This is sad, I can't think of any...LOL

7 people I want to do this: ( assuming it should be bloggers?)

Sherri Tom Dan Gayle DawnEden Christina Jacque