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Friday, July 15, 2005

Abortion? Not For These Families.
A Website Dedicated to Familes who overcame medical Problems Without Abortion

I found this site when reading about Donna Joy, the little girl that Barbara Boxer tried to silence during the PBA hearings.

I started reading and reflected on my own last successful pregnancy. My daughter is 10 now. ( See-3 Pics Below). I remember when I was trying to get pregnant. My oldest was 15. I had not had a successful pregnancy since. There were (some suspected) miscarriages ( early). No successful pregnancies tho, and not for lack of protection either. I had several longterm relationships (marriage, and common law) since my daughter was born
and none produced any children. I had to assume the problem was MY body. In retrospect perhaps GOD knew what he was doing.

I had remarried and my husband who had NO kids from previous marriage wanted them. Knowing only "I" could perform that task I sought medical help, check up, testing, cleaning up, etc...No Reason why I couldn't get pregnant.

I started praying. I went back to my recovery days of hitting my knees. I prayed Novena's etc until I got pregnant, successfully. ( I had suffered an ectopic on my first attempt).

During the course of my OB appts. they wanted to give me an AFP- (Alpha Fetal Protein) test. These were fairly new and not mandatory. I read up on them and discovered they produced a lot of false postives/negatives back then.
As I discussed this with the nurse she said "By taking the test you can go for an amnio if it produces a postive. It can also give you an option of whether you want to "Keep The Baby"!

WHAT? That sentence took my breathe away. Don't these people realize that I had to Pray evey night for 2 weeks to concieve and keep praying to assure the pregnancy? Do they think I would just abort like that?

Arguing with my age as a factor (I was 34) considered a late in lifer there was a bigger factor of downs syndrome and other medical nasties!

I thought about the whole testing thing and talked to my husband about it. I already suffer from anxiety, the last thing I need to do is bring more crap into my life to worry about.

I thought I had prayed for this child. I hadnt been able to concieve successfully for (Now) 16 years, would GOD let me down now?

I decided not to invite trouble. I told the nurse/midwife NO!
NO AFP test, No amnio, No unnecessary worries, tests, anxieties ! PERIOD!
Well you would have thought I had asked for a line of Coke with the look I got. BUT...BUT... BUT NOTHING I interrupted!
"Look", I said, "I prayed for this child, I am 34, with a bad history of miscarriage, and infertility, do you NOT think that if GOD wants me to have a child and he gives me a child with Downs syndrome that he will not give me the Strength to Raise that Child? I will take my chances with GOD over medicine, thanks anyway!"

Kylee-Madison was born exactly on her due date, weighing 9lbs 8 1/2 oz. (After 4 hrs of labor). She is NOT a downs Baby. Other then having a high metabolism which requires (not medically but of her own volition) her to eat every 90 mins. ( hopefully this she will grow out of) and of course being slightly hyperactive there were no problems. She scored Perfectly on Both APGARS!

Now the reason for this story was the website I referred to at the beginning. It is Called Be Not Afraid

It chronicles stories of families who opted out of abortion when being told their babies are deformed or will not have a Quality of Life.

Babies with diagnosis' of Heart problems, kidney problems, Anencephaly, amoung other nasties I can't pronounce much less spell.

Stories of families who overcame the odds, who are a living Testimony to life, love and faith, over medicine.
A site with resources for families of such anomalies. Resources such as support groups for Downs, Grief Counseling, financial, medical tests. A place to share their stories of Hope, Of overcoming the odds, and of course proving to the medical know it alls that YES there is a GOD and when we let him be in charge he does perform MIRACLES!

Visit their site. Bookmark. Share it with others.

Kylee-Madison~-Jan~12~1995 Posted by Picasa

Kylee~ 3days Old Posted by Picasa

Kylee Today~Taken Summer 2004.