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Friday, July 15, 2005

Important Breakthrough in SAFE Stem Cell Collection!

Stem Cells. Controversial and ever changing in its debate, and ever changing in where they are found.

CellResearch Corporation in Singapore and its team of scientists, headed by Chief Scientist, Dr Phan Toan Thang, have recently made a revolutionary discovery: that the outer lining of the umbilical cord is a rich source of stem cells.

Stem cells are elementary cells with the potential to form a spectrum of human cells - the tiny building blocks that make up the human being. These cells can be converted (differentiated) into a myriad of cells, giving them incredible potential to heal by forming cells that replace those that fail through disease, accident or old age.

Researchers say the best stem cells can be picked from embryos. This presents the debate of Killing Babies for its cells. However researchers have found an alternative source of stem cells that is not only easily accessible, but also possesses both epithelial and mesenchymal stem cells. These stem cells that are found in the outer amniotic lining of the umbilical cord.

Mesenchymal and Epithelial stem cells are responsible for creating virtually every cell in the body.

The potential to form other cell types from these cord-lining stem cells is phenomenal and best of all, they are acquired from the afterbirth which is plentiful and routinely discarded, thus sidestepping the whole ethical conundrum. CellResearch Corporation has applied for patent protection for its discovery.

Another advantage of cord-lining stem cells is its significantly higher yield compared to other sources. Laboratory results show that the cord lining produces potentially several hundred million stem cells per cord - a figure that is many hundred folds greater than most common stem cell sources.

The next pressing issue in today's stem cell debate is whether stem cells can actually be safely used in practical clinical therapies: traditional laboratory cell growing (culture) techniques require stem cells to be nourished using serum derived from calf fetuses. These non-human components have been criticized as calf serum might potentially transmit bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease). CellResearch Corporation has been able to clear this hurdle by growing the cells without the need for calf sera by using serum-free media for cell culture. "Their potential for clinical use is, as a result, multiplied many fold," says Dr Ivor Lim, Medical Director of CellResearch Corporation.

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For further information on cord lining stem cells, CellResearch Corp and CordLabs, please contact:

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