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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Something to think about! Abortions are helping us!

Ok I was shocked at first when I read this. But I saw the logic in what the author was saying and had to laugh at the insanity of it. He comes across (to me at least), as George Carlin. Things that make you go Hmmm...

From Pro-life/Covenant News and PR News Wire,

Author Henry C. Smith says, "The very practice which religious conservatives have so fiercely opposed, has actually, in the end, helped their cause. And this same practice, which the humanists, liberals, and feminists have been fighting so hard to protect, is literally destroying their political base."

"Mr. Smith points out that since abortion was made legal, roughly one quarter of the thirty and under generation has been exterminated. For every three children in our society today, there should have been a fourth, if it were not for abortion. Since conservatives in general, and religious conservatives in particular, do not approve of abortion, it stands to reason that the bulk of these dead children would have come from liberal homes, and probably would have become liberals themselves. By consistently eliminating such a large portion of their own political base, they are literally handing the victory to their opponents."

"Mr. Smith points out in his book, “Understanding the Cultural War in America,” “While the humanists are busy killing off their own offspring, they are really helping us. I am not saying we should approve of abortion for that reason. It is clearly a wicked act, one which, from God’s perspective, is worthy of death. But we must not overlook the fact that those who commit this horrible act are nevertheless doing us a favor. By destroying their own offspring, they are killing off a source of future voters, the majority of whom would probably grow up to be just like their parents. Thus, abortion ultimately works to our advantage. It helps cleanse our society of future humanists.”
“We really shouldn’t be surprised at this result,” says the author. “Evil always tends to be self-destructive.”

As the Bible has stated repeatedly What satan and man propose for evil GOD will use for his Good!