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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Under New Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Food Stamps May Be Reduced - New York Times

Under New Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, Food Stamps May Be Reduced - New York Times

Elderly people with low incomes may lose some of their food stamps if they sign up for the new Medicare prescription drug benefit, the Bush administration said Saturday.

When Medicare begins covering drugs in January, older Americans will spend less of their own money on drugs and will therefore have more to spend on food, reducing their need for food stamps, officials said.

Somebody want to tell these GOOBERS, there wont be any more Money for food, it is gonna go to utilities and sky high rents!

Getting into a seniors/disabled housing unit is near impossible. As I was told, People get in and don't leave unless they're in a body bag or by ambulance to an assisted care facility!

As somebody who is on disability, and who has family on retirement, I can tell you it ain't no picnic. When we see congress giving themselves $10,000 a yr raises, while we get a 1-2 % cost of living increase, which most of it goes to medicare, then washington has the nerve to say No food stamps?

Somebody in Washington NEEDS to get A CLUE!

My Mother in law before she needed insulin had very little money for food on her benefits, before she started recieving food stamps. Today if not for food stamps, she would be eating from food pantries, when she could get a ride there. Although the drug benefits would help her and others in her predicament, lower the allotment for food would be cruel and unfair.

"The document, prepared by the Health and Human Services Department, tells Medicare beneficiaries: "With the Medicare prescription drug coverage, you may see your food stamp benefits go down as you spend less on drugs. Using the new Medicare benefit means you will have more cash to spend on food that you used to spend on prescription drugs. If you get the $10 minimum food stamp benefit, your benefits may end. However, the extra cash you will have to spend on food makes up for not getting as much in food stamps."

The article goes on speaking in terms of how much money Mrs. Smith will have in return, unfortuneately it is an unrealistic quote.