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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

More Dirt on PPGG .....

Dawn Eden on her blog got my vote of P.I. of the month!

Dawn has been digging around for dirt on ms dian. ( no caps thanx). There may be some WEC impropriaties at hand.

The Dawn Patrol:
On February 27, 2003, the drug firm Calypte (which trades on the American Stock Exchange) issued a press release announcing that Harrison, in her capacity as president and CEO, had authorized Planned Parenthood Golden Gate to use Calypte's HIV test. The same press release announced that Calypte had appointed Harrison to its board of directors as of February 24.

Considering that the press release also states that Planned Parenthood Golden Gate had 65,000 annual patients, the acquisition of that organization as a client represented a significant account for Calypte.

There is much more to this. You must go to her site and be sure to read the comments section that shows there may be a need for an SEC investigation? Afterall if Martha was Jailed for some lil SEC infringemnet then ms isis should be jailed for this...This is Ongoing...