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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Life and Death.
A Movie and a Thought.

Last night I watched an old favorite on TV, "The Seventh Sign". It starred Demi Moore as a woman who was pregnant, and facing an apocalypse, Literally, from the Book of Revelations.

In it she is facing her second pregnacy, the first being miscarriage. Her husband and Dr. think she is paranoid when she discovers some ancient writings and scrolls with strange seals in her tenants apt, and thinks he is out to kill her baby. Of course, this isn't neccessarily true. It does have a hint of new age-ism, or buddism in it as it does have a small inference to having lived before.

All that aside I enjoyed it because of the message. Here this woman when all is said and done tries to stop the signs by placing herself between a martyr facing execution and a bullet by a man who has been walking the earth for 2,000 yrs. and is determined to get his much needed rest.

She Gives her life for the child she is carrying when he is born Stillborn. In the end she was the 7th sign, "The one person with enough love and hope to not only save her child, she saved the whole world from GODs Wrath.

It was a Bittersweet movie. It got me thinking as I watched her grab her sons hand and say, I would die for him, as flashbacks of her time with JESUS is previewed, her son breathes, she looks at him smiles and dies. ( Sorry to give it away). Here is this woman who gave everything for her baby and humanity, and all I kept seeing was these images of the headlines of a couple of days past that said "More women opting for careers, aborting their babies. "

I thought about how SELFISH humanity has become, especially women. ( Yes I am a Woman before you attack me). Women are supposed to be the nurturers, the caregivers, the life givers, and yet, we kill our babies in the name of convienence, and SELFISHNESS! How GOD must be wailing, and fuming! I wonder what it is he is waiting for? I know he sends his signs for us, his warnings, ( I believe the EQ and Tsunami of Christmas was a warning, "Can ya Hear Me Now?"). Does he see the large handfuls of people that have hope and love enough, that like in the days of Lot and Sodom he is refraining from completely Anihilating us?

I wonder....