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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Frist Flip-Flops!

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said he opposed expanding federal financing of the research, but he insists the decision is consistent with both his experience as a physician and his pro-life stance. The senator said only stem cells from embryos that "would otherwise be discarded" should be considered for research.

Well we have turned into human commodity trading now haven't we? GOD have mercy on Us!

While embryo research has not yielded a single result, more than 65 diseases already have been successfully treated through research of adult stem cells.

In fact I recently blogged about a company using "Cord Blood" (From the outer lining of the umbilical and amniotic fluid ) stem cells, which have "EVERY" neccessary cell needed for creating virtually every cell in the body. They also found that they do NOT need to use Calf's serum - which has a potential to pass on CJD-(mad Cow) to humans- with these Stem Cells.

The National Clergy Council, founder Rev. Rob Schenck, said Frists assertion is the same as saying, "that we should use condemned criminals for medical experimentation because they're going to die anyway."
He has a Point!

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